The new world of SAP S/4HANA Cloud — The strategic choice

Sal Laher, SAP

Sal Laher, Global COO for ERP Cloud (S/4HANA Cloud and SMB) will outline SAP’s cloud strategy and vision for our customers. The session will focus on the importance of a great user experience, innovation at the core and how Intelligent ERP is the key to success in the digital economy. Sal will cover the following areas:

  • What is SAP’s ERP Cloud Strategy and how does it align with other SAP Cloud products?
  • Dispelling the myths about Cloud ERP
  • How innovations like machine learning and digital assistant, coupled with contextual and predictive analytics are the key to success
  • How and where to begin your journey to the cloud
  • How you will address the shift towards process simplicity and yet have the power of extensibility for a unique service provision
  • An overview of the cloud business case and a customer story

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